EDC17 C66

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You may need a gateway to test ECU on the bench.

We do not provide ECU connections with CPC gateway.

It is necessary to modify memory in the ECU or emulator EEPROM.

After purchasing the emulator, you need to send:
- ECU contents (EEPROM and flash)
- ID emulator (silver sticker with the unique number placed on the emulator)
- photo of the ECU label

Please contact via
skype: Ecu-Service_support


LED behavior:
Green LED:
- blink every 1sec - the engine ECU immo is unlocked - permission for start
- blink every 0.3sec - incorrect data, immo data not match, no request for immo unlock from ECU

Red LED:
- Red LED blink every 1sec (green LED OFF) - wrong emulator eeprom connection or wrong data